About Us


Hi, we’re the Mitchells and we own Nomad Furniture: a very stereotypical family business where everyone pitches in to help it run smoothly. Please let us share our story with you.

We purchased Nomad Furniture in the summer of 2019 from the well known Albuquerque bed maker Dave Cady. Dave had been building high quality beds for over 30 years in New Mexico and had built up quite a following. As Dave moved closer to retirement, and enjoying the fruit of all that hard work, he looked to sell his company. Enter Connor Mitchell, the tall one in the purple shirt.

After a 4 year stint in manufacturing Connor was ready to try something on his own, or maybe with a partner. Hello parents! Well a deal was struck with Dave and then Connor moved to New Mexico to start his training. Ken and Ana, the older two in the photo, went down as often as possible on weekends and vacation time to pitch in and see what they could learn as well. It certainly is a pretty drive in the summer from Northern Utah to New Mexico, love those Colorado plateaus.

As the training in New Mexico came to an end the two little boys (I know they aren’t little anymore but old habits die hard), Talmage and Lincoln, came down to help load everything up into the moving trucks and Nomad Furniture moved to Utah. Yep, Ana can drive a big rig with the best of them! Audrey hasn’t escaped the shop life either as she pitches in on breaks from college. We set up shop in Farr West, UT and haven’t looked back since.

Update August 2021

Two years in and things are going great. We just added two new Zero VOC finishes from Rubio Monocoat: Chocolate and Charcoal. We have made some structural improvements to the Premium rails by increasing the distance between the hardware connections. It added some labor to each frame and a bit of cost in hardware but it will be a stronger frame. Also, we are now sending a Premium footboard crosspieces for all styles (except Pecos Lite). This will be the same if you add a matching footboard or not. This helps clean up the aesthetic from the main viewpoint and added some structural strength as well.

Nomad products are made in our Utah shop with North American grown Red Oak and Hard Maple. Nomad Furniture is the designer and manufacturer of our hand-made beds. All our beds are sold through retail, online stores and this website.

We specialize in customized bed frames to meet your needs and we offer bedroom accessories.

We are proud of our Made in the USA furniture and want to make a difference in our world. We strive to use all scrap wood by supplying it to local craftsmen and for use as firewood.Our standard finish is a low VOC product and we offer
an optional Zero VOC finish as well.


At Nomad Furniture we use furniture designed with three different considerations in mind.

Our first consideration is function
– a bed must be comfortable, a table the right height. Since these dimensions can change for different people all of our products are made just for you.Bed heights, widths, and lengths are available to fit your needs.

Our second consideration is form
– the piece must not only perform like a bed or table, it must be pleasing to the eye. Since tastes vary we offer two different woods, red oak and hard white maple. We use hidden connectors for a clean finish, with no exposed hardware.

The third consideration is strength
– the piece must be constructed in a manner strong enough to withstand all the normal forces placed on it over time without interfering with the previous considerations. Strength is also why we use the hardwoods we do. These woods, Red Oak or Hard Maple are known for their strength as American Hardwoods.

Put these considerations together and you have a piece of furniture that will be a lasting, functional and handsome addition to any home or setting.


Nomad Furniture beds have a sturdy slat system to provide firm support when combined with a good mattress. Additionally our beds are easy to assemble, disassemble, and move.

Our slat system removes the need for a box spring and thus lowers the bed to a comfortable height. We offer 3 types of slats: Standard with 3-1/4” gap, Premium slats with 1-5/8” gap, or Extra filler slats which combine with the standard slats to give a gap of 1/2”. These additional slats are required for some heavy mattresses.

We offer many different bed styles and headboard heights to fit your particular need and your mattress thickness. All of our beds are easy to assemble and later, disassemble for moving.
Our beds are very sturdy when assembled. If you want more support, then consider our Premium side rails, footboards and headboards.

You can rest on our assurance of a good nights sleep!

Standard slats shown. Premium and Extra Filler slats are available.

Standard slats shown on Pecos Lite in Maple with premium upgrade